Additional services for industrial pipes

Additional services for industrial pipes



Additional services for industrial pipes

      At Tubos Regios, in addition to our piping, we want to help you with every part of your manufacturing project process, so that you can continue to create great products with maximum productivity.

We know that additional processes applied to piping take time, cost, and effort, but we also know that all these details can make a big difference.

      Tubos Regios to the rescue

Guess what? In addition to manufacturing high-quality industrial piping using special production methods to withstand extreme work without losing its mechanical properties, we now also provide additional services for extreme work.

Our product is "pipe" that can withstand anything. It has achieved amazing results and is ideal for any industrial project where different processes are required for the manufacture of a product or structural component.

We manufacture piping that is resistant to anything, except compliments... And if all of this is not enough, we are now here to help you with:

Additional services for finished piping such as:


Additional services for finished piping such as: 


The bending process for steel piping involves deforming the pipe into a curved or angled shape using a pipe bending machine. The process is typically done cold and begins by securing the pipe onto the machine and rotating it around a mandrel. The operator gradually applies the necessary force to deform the pipe into the desired shape.

Formed structural pieces

If you want to improve your manufacturing process, Tubos Regios offers custom design and fabrication services for structural pieces for a wide variety of industrial and construction projects. Our team of highly skilled engineers works with clients to understand their needs and design tailored solutions for each project.

Using advanced technology and state-of-the-art machinery, we manufacture precise and high-quality structural pieces that meet the highest industry standards. Whether it's detailed pieces, supports, columns, or any other industrial structural piece.

Custom cutting 

We offer custom cutting services for steel piping and pieces. We use advanced cutting equipment and precise techniques to ensure clean and accurate cuts on tubes and steel pieces. Our team of highly skilled professionals works with clients to understand their needs and provide customized solutions for each project.

With our custom cutting service, you can save time and reduce costs by getting the exact pieces you need for your project.

Painting service

Tubos Regios offers aesthetic painting services to improve the appearance of steel pieces. We have a wide variety of paint options in different shades and finishes to customize products and meet the needs of our clients.

Aesthetic painting not only enhances the appearance of our products, but also helps protect them against wear and environmental effects.

Transformation works

Whether you need to reduce or expand the ends of tubes, punch them into specific shapes, we are ready to offer you customized and high-quality solutions that meet your needs.

Whit Tubos Regios

The spirits will be cooler and more relaxed. Now... what are you going to make with our tubes? All these services and more are just the beginning of what Tubos Regios offers you to boost your productivity.

Boost your company´s success whit Tubos Regios at our industrial park

If you have short or medium-term growth plans for your project, don't miss the opportunity to strengthen your company and improve your production chain with Tubos Regios. We invite you to join us and form an alliance at our Industrial Park in Apodaca, Nuevo León - an industrial park designed to increase productivity and improve processes.

Working together, we can create something amazing and highly productive. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to boost your company's success with Tubos Regios!

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